NFPA Load Bank Testing:

Many facilities need to perform periodic load bank testing on their emergency backup power generators in order to comply with NFPA 110 requirements. Even if you are not required under NFPA 110 to perform these tests, load bank testing is an essential part of a comprehensive preventive maintenance program and is highly recommended. Load bank testing is one of the most important of all preventive maintenance tasks and provides an excellent measure of your generator's ability to perform as it was designed.

Load bank testing may be performed at various intervals ranging from monthly to annually. If you are unsure of your load bank testing needs, we will be glad to put together a proper maintenance schedule to meet your facility's needs. Please contact Laurel Power Systems for more information.

Among the benefits of proper load bank testing are:

Load Bank Testing Capabilities

Laurel Power Systems has several load bank testing units which allow us to perform load bank tests with loads ranging from 5KW to 800KW on both 240v and 480v systems. This gives us the flexibility to place the proper load on your system every time.

load bank testing unit